Sega Genesis Collection Leaked and Release Date Revealed

Via we have details of a new collection of SEGA games headed to current gen platforms this Spring. On May 29th the SEGA Genesis Collection hits PC, PS4 and Xbox One and will include over 50 games. So far none of the games have been revealed and no product information has been released. There is also the reveal of a physical version for the console releases including a double sided poster.

Despite the lack of an official announcement from SEGA we have a video (edit: as I was writing this article the video has been taken down) and screenshots that were uploaded to the aforementioned website. Included in this video are some of the games that we can expect to see. None of these should be a surprise, SEGA’s powerhouses such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Streets of Rage feature. The strangest thing is the lack of a Nintendo Switch version. The hardware argument doesn’t apply as these are older games. Given the fact that SEGA has been supporting the Switch pretty strongly so far it seems odd that this collection doesn’t seem to be headed to the hybrid platform.

SEGA Genesis Classics_20180307190131

It has been a bizarre few days in the video game industry when it comes to rumors. Some have been confirmed. Some remain a complete mystery. Some sneak right past a lot of people. Some are purely speculation. No matter what form video game news takes, from an orange bandicoot to a purple dragon, keep your eyes on for all the updates you’ll ever need.

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