Sekiro Review roundup of people who have played it

Sekiro review roundup

From Software’s new IP comes out today, and we talked with people to see their reaction. This is our Sekiro review roundup.

Hey, you know about that game everyone’s talking about? No, not DMC 5. The one about katanas and Japanese folklore. No, it’s not Nioh 2! That’s right, Sekiro. And as you may know, the game comes out today, yet some people and websites managed to grab early copies. But you know what? Here at TLG we like to go one step beyond that. So gather around people, because this is our 100% legit Sekiro review roundup.

Sekiro review roundup

Thanks to the people from the Internet, we can actually manage to see their opinion about a game made by a studio notorious for making really hard titles! Let’s start this roundup, shall we?

  • “what the hell is a Sekiro?”, my Mom, 9/10
  • “Git gud son”, a guy named Jerry, 9/10
  • “This review-in-progress will be updated periodically until we’re able to give it a final score”, PCGamesN, review in progress (this is not a joke)
  • “This is too cheap, I keep dying over and over again, people who play this as every single Souls game ever made, 9/10
  • “Ray what are you doing in my house I don’t even have the game yet”, Adam from TheLootGaming, 9/10

And that’s our small roundup! Hope you enjoy it, and remember:


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