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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice; Gourd Seed Locations

Sekiro review roundup

I hope everyone is enjoying Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice! It’s getting close to breaking me and also Ray. He has been a big baby about the whole thing if I’m perfectly honest. One thing that makes the game slightly less likely to murder you are Gourd Seeds. These are essentially your Estus in Sekiro, the healing potion that replenishes whenever you rest at an idol (bonfire). Having more is very handy on your quest for revenge. Once you find one, take it to Emma at the Dilapidated Shrine where she’ll upgrade the Gourd for you. So far I’ve found nine, obviously, there are some location spoilers but here are their locations:

Outskirts Wall – Gate Path

You get this seed from the “General Naomori Kawarada” miniboss who confronts you straight after the Gate Path idol. To cut the difficulty of the fight in half, make sure you start with a stealth takedown from above!

Outskirts Wall – Stairway

The Chained Ogre. You probably have your own sweary names for him by now. To get this Seed you’ll need to overcome him. Again, start with stealth, then just take your sweet time. Once he’s defeated, grapple through the hole in the wall and your prize is on the left.

Outskirts Wall – Ashina Castle Gate

Once you beat the main boss Gyoubu Oniwa, you’ll be presented with two options, forward or back. Back rewards you with some new characters and a merchant. For the lowly price of 1000 sen, you can get yourself a nice seed.

Ashina Castle – Ashina Castle

From the first idol head up the stairs and stick to the right-hand side. There are plenty of enemies but also a man. He’ll ask you to clear the Samurai from the area. Kill all the nearby enemies including the miniboss and chat to him, he’ll up sticks and head to the dilapidated temple. This seed will cost you 2000 sen.

Ashina Castle – Upper Tower Antichamber

In the chamber with the idol, there is a chest. Open this chest. Winning!


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Senpou Temple – Mt Kongo

Battle your way through the monks on the main path until you reach a building. You can grapple onto the rafters in the roof from outside. There are three monks kneeling before a fourth in this room. In front of the fourth is the seed.

Sunken Valley – Under-shrine Valley

Start from the idol, jump past the solitary enemy and take a left turn. There’s a branch you can grapple to. Grapple to the next branch where another enemy waits and take another left. Climb the wall to the top and you’ll find a seed.

Ashina Depths – Mibu Village

From the Mibu Village idol, you’ll see a huge tree with white leaves. The seed is at the base. There are a ton of enemies guarding it though.

Palace Grounds – Palace Grounds

You’ll be sneaking through a building straight after the idol. Once you’ve passed the feral nobles, take a left up a staircase and your prize awaits you in a chest.

If I find more I’ll add them but this should take you to nine of them! Dark Souls 3 had a max of fifteen estus uses.

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