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Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Mise – Estate Path 

Location: Time to head to the Hirata Estate. Which involves mystical Buddha time travel. For realsies. An old woman in a house in the Ashina Outskirts will give you a bell, use this at the altar next to the Sculptor in the Dilapidated temple. This will bring you to the Hirata Estate. Head through the main path until you reach a bridge. Cross the bridge to reach a small courtyard with this spear enemy.

Strategy: Kill them all. Clear the area so it’s just you and speary. Then do a runner. Seriously, run far. He’ll stop chasing you and give you the chance to sneak up and stealth kill him. This is a great chance to practice using the skill Mikiri counter. If you haven’t bought it yet, get it. When he thrusts the spear at you at the last second dodge towards him. You’ll do massive posture damage and really open the fight up. The only other tactic is the slow route. Dodge towards him twice to get behind him, hit him twice, run away and repeat. It’ll take a while but it’s safer.

Prize: Prayer Bead

Juzou the Drunkard – Main Hall

Location: Still in the Hirata Estate? From the bridge with the two shield enemies head up to the left. Jump in the water and you’ll see a tree to grapple to. Get up to it and you’ll come to a clearing with loads of enemies. Stick right to find a well. Climb it and you’ll be outside the main building. Juzou awaits at the other side of the water in the huge courtyard.

Strategy: Slow approach. Stealth kill all the enemies around him. If he aggros towards you and chases you just run, he’ll get bored. Then get back to stealth killing his friends. Get a stealth attack on him to take away one health bar then head slowly towards the water, make sure he follows. Here you can talk to a Samurai dressed in blue, chat to him and he’ll join the fray. He’ll distract the boss while you get a few hits in, if he dies don’t worry. The boss is deceptively easy. Always dodge under his sword arm. Hit him a few times then back off and repeat. If he hits you start blocking. Until you get the chance to heal.

Reward: Unrefined Sake, Prayer Bead. The Sake will get you lore options in the later game.

Lady Butterfly – Hirata Audience Chamber

Location: Straight after the Drunkard fight you’ll enter the main building in the estate and find an idol. From here the next boss is directly in front of you. Head down into the big room hiding under the floor to find Lady Butterfly waiting.

Strategy: This boss is deceptive. Firstly, snap seeds are unnecessary despite the game claiming otherwise. Secondly, she actually has two health bars. Thirdly, she’s easy. She attacks fast but everything can be blocked or deflected. The dodge twice (to her left, your right) then hit twice, the tactic works well here. The whirlwind combat art also helps. For her heavy attack dodge sideways and when she lands you’ll get a couple of hits in. When she summons illusions the easiest thing to do is just run around the arena in big circles. The illusions will eventually all fly towards you, if you just keep running they’ll miss. Whenever she summons the bright lights always dodge, even if you block they’ll damage you. Just keep dodging and attacking you you’ll win. The more damage you do to her health the more posture damage she’ll take.

Prize: Memory Lady Butterfly, Sakura Droplet. Take the dropet to Kuro or the Divine Child for an extra resurrection.

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