Sekiro Farm skill points

Sekiro has some tough as nails boss fights. The further you play into the game, the more pain you’ll be subjected to. Luckily there are also some fights, like the Divine Dragon, that are incredibly easy. Unluckily there are some fights that will leave you feeling broken. The Demon of Hatred will have this effect at first. Not to worry though! This quick guide and accompanying video will aid you. To unlock this fight you must beat the Divine Dragon then fight your way through the ministry at Ashina Outskirts. Here the beast, an identity I won’t spoil, awaits. He is not dissimilar to the Cleric Beast from Bloodborne. I love the Cleric Beast. Right away you’ll probably feel intimidated by two things: his size and three health bars. Don’t be.

We’ll start with phase one. The most important thing to do is to get very close and personal, he won’t like that. You can dodge his combos simply by moving your right around to his back. Just watch his feet. Whenever he stops attacking get a couple of hits in. For his perilous attack, the one that shows the red symbol, all you need to do is jump. Even if there’s contact, if you jump, it won’t damage you. Then get up close and personal again ASAP. For his two ranged fire attacks sprint towards him in a slight diagonal right direction. You’ll get under them both. He’ll also leap into the fair in a firey blast. Run backward, then jump and you can simply grapple back to him. Easy. Just be safe, read his attacks and you’ll get through this stage.

Stage 2 has a couple of new attacks. You’ll see both in the video. The first one is a fire slam that sends a line of fire quickly at you, you simply need to jump this and grapple towards him. The other one spawns 8 fireballs above his head that track you. This is a nightmarish attack but you can deal with it. Run diagonally forward to the left and they’ll all just miss you. Count them as they explode and on the 8th run towards the demon and get a couple of hits in. Try to stay close. Repeat the exact same tactics from phase 1, the most dangerous thing that can happen is you can get stuck in his ranged moves.

Stage 3 comes along with new tricks but guess what? You have your own new move. We’ll start with the Demon’s latest addition. Everything has extra fire. He has a new devastating perilous attack, it’s easy to avoid. Just start jumping. Don’t do it in a direction. Just go wild and jump for your life while he sweeps the floor. You’ll be surrounded by a ring of fire and get a chance to get a couple of hits in. Be ready for his charge. Jump it. Now you have your secret move. The Malcontent prosthetic tool. After you kill the guardian ape you can rematch him near the poison pool. Kill him again. Now return to that area and fight the shimichen warrior to get Malcontent. Upgrade the finger whistle to this stage and you can use it to stun this Demon three times. Unless you mess it up like me in the video, it’ll let you get extra hits in without the risk. Repeat the strategy of staying close from phase 1 and the fight will easily be yours!

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