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Sequel to the original Battle Royale title, The Culling, cancelled after just 8 days on sale!

The Culling was the original Battle Royale game. The Culling 2 launched last week and wasn’t met with any fanfare whatsoever. The whole launch has been a total disaster for developer Xaviant. IGN gave the title this absolutely scathing review: “A royale mess” with a 2/10 score. Players have been complaining constantly about the game due to unstable servers and low player counts making it virtually unplayable.

Director of Operations Josh Van Veld has released this video explaining the situation:

He has also announced that Xaviant are in conversations with Microsoft, Sony and Valve about pulling the game from those marketplaces. Anyone who bought the game will be refunded. Those refunds likely won’t cost the company too much based on the player counts. If you want to know more about the state of the game, the Steam page makes for some interesting reading.

At least the developer has a sense of humor. For fans, there is a bit of a silver lining. Xaviant will be rolling the game back to the original version of the original The Culling release which will be free to play when it’s ready. Just now there is a playable build for players who owned this title.

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