Seven Indie developers Nintendo should give First Party IPs to

Nintendo has some incredible first party IPs. Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Animal Crossing, etc. Recently they’ve been slightly more relaxed with these. Ubisoft made a Mario x Rabbids crossover that was fantastic. Now Nintendo are trusting Brace Yourself Games with the Zelda license as they develop Cadence of Hyrule, a sequel to Crypt of the Necrodancer. So I got to thinking, thanks to this new found freedom, what other indie developers should be trusted with Nintendo IP?

Yacht Club Games

Developers of the wonderful Shovel Knight, Yacht Club would be perfect for Kid Icarus. There are so many different combat styles in Shovel Knight plus the DLC, that they could really bring Kid Icarus alive in 2019. This also means Nintendo could please fans without, you know, actually being bothered about Kid Icarus.

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Caged Element

Caged Element recently gave us GRIP Combat Racing on all platforms. We loved it and it had very positive reception. It was high octane racing fun and that is why the developer would be perfect for another long dormant Nintendo franchise: F-Zero. Captain Falcon and Big Blue would slot perfectly into the world of GRIP already. It just makes sense.

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Subset Games

Into the Breach came out last year to a stellar reception. People absolutely love it and it currently has a Metacritic score of 89. This has put developer Subset Games in very high regard. Their reward should be obvious: Advance Wars. It has been so long. Battalion Wars on Wii is brilliant. Give us more. Make the world happy and give the license to Subset Games Nintendo, what is there to lose?

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Image and Form

This one feels way too obvious. Image and Form, renowned for the Steamworld series, deserve a crack at Metroid. They literally specialise in Metroidvanias but have a penchant for a variety of gameplay approaches. They could do something special with Samus. Something Metroid fans deserve because they’ve been so patient over the years, putting up with Federation Force.

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Fullbright are the developers of Gone Home, a wonderful indie experience. The story is beautiful and the gameplay is genuinely engaging. I had to think what Nintendo IP they’d suit but the more I thought the clearer it was: The Legend of Zelda. It isn’t clear is it? This series always has these epic, world ending stories of heroes and villainy. Well what if we got something shorter, more personal? A short tale of a normal farmer living in Hyrule during the Calamity perhaps? A ranch hand who has to cope with daily monster attacks? Someone who lived in Hyrule Castle Town before it was devastated by the Guardians? There is so much story to be told in Hyrule and Fullbright could give us something unique and interesting.

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Supergiant Games

Bastion and Transistor are two wonderful, unique yet familiar, RPGs with excellent story telling. Both games especially excel in combat. Which is why they’d be perfect for Xenoblade. Again this involves taking a franchise in a different direction. Instead of a huge, 120 hour party based RPG we could get something a lot neater. A fast story that still retains the emotional impact the series is known for but could explore one particular character in a lot more depth.

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Eric Barone

That’s one man. It’s not a mistake. Mr Barone, Eric to his pals, created indie sensation Stardew Valley. The game is currently available pretty much everywhere, from PS4 to Switch to even Android. It’s fantastic, genuinely engaging and you’ll lose hours in the world it presents. Hundreds of hours. The farm sim has plenty of gameplay variety and bursts at the seams with charm. What does that sound like? Animal Crossing. The two fit so perfectly it doesn’t even need an explanation.

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What do you think then? Would you give Splatoon to Toby Fox and let him create a game that make you feel sorry for your enemies? What about Luigi to Team Cherry to see him descend into a dark and unforgiving world? Let us know!

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