Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind Review

Six Ages Review

Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind is a combination of interactive story and turn-based strategy, that immerses you in a land of myth. Hundreds of small interactive stories build into an epic, where you guide a small clan, help them navigate a hostile world, and find a path to long-term survival.

Six Ages is the spiritual successor to the acclaimed King Of Dragon Pass, which first used this approach to explore the magical world of Glorantha. Both games blend roleplaying, mythology, resource management, and decisions with long-term consequences. There are no other games like them.

Developed by A Sharp
Platforms: iOS (others in development)
Release Date: 28th June 2018 (iOS)


At first glance, this isn’t what I would generally go for but this is one of the reasons I love reviewing so much because Six Ages has truly captivated me from the start. Six Ages is a mix of different genres, you have a blend of strategy and RPG elements mixed together with a captivating story. The story side is a fascinating part of the game as it is a very similar concept to the Choose Your Own Adventure storybooks I used to read when I was a child; you have a section of the story to read through, then at the bottom of the screen, you have options listed for you to choose. This will determine how the story unfolds, you are also told that there are no right or wrong answers to these, however, your choices will impact your clan and how you grow.

Glorantha is the world you are set in which is modeled in a Bronze Age style very similar to ours all those years ago, but Glorantha is part of a magical universe where you go about your daily lives under the watchful eyes of the Gods and Spirits. The overseeing God’s have the power to affect all humanity so you need to keep each God on your side as you progress further through the story.

Six Ages has the gameplay to keep you playing for hours on end, but it also has things in place like automatic saving, as well as note taking making it perfect for pick up and play gaming. I personally have yet to be able to pick up and put down after a “quick” game spending hours building my clan and their different areas. You have multiple difficulty levels to test the most hardcore of gamers as well as casual settings for the less adventurous of us. The game is completely different from anything I have previously played and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far.

Another great addition to the game is the fact that it has built-in accessibility for blind people with the use of VoiceOver (iOS Only).

Graphics & Sound

The graphics are very well put together with a beautiful hand-painted styling and the detail put in on every page is top drawer.

Throughout the game, you have a pleasant musical soundtrack giving you the authentic Bronze Age feel.

Value For Money

The price point for Six Ages is £9.99 ($9.99 in America) now, I normally, as a rule, don’t tend to spend more than a few pounds on a mobile game and in all honesty, would have overlooked this due to that rule. But thankfully I have had the opportunity to review the game and I am very impressed with the size of the game you get for your money, it does seem that it wouldn’t be out of place on a console it does really have that much to offer. So I guess I would say yes it is value for money and would say not to be put off at the price.


To summarise my thoughts on Six Ages, the more you play the game, the more you immerse yourself in the world of Glorantha; you will lose hours of your day there. It is a definite thumbs up from me for and overall a pleasant experience.


  • Great Gameplay
  • Mix of different genres
  • Play for hours or minutes


  • Can be hard to start

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