Slightly Mad Studios unveils new design for their next gen console, the Mad Box

I’ll be honest, I was very sceptical about the Mad Box situation. The console market is currently cornered by the big three right now; Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, with rumors flying that Amazon and Apple are about to dip their toes into the market. Slightly Mad Studios announced on January 2nd that they would be making their own console, targeting a release in around three years time. The console will allegedly be capable of 4k gaming at 60 frames per second as well as having Virtual Reality compatibility. This would make it significantly more powerful than current generation consoles and a true challenger to the next Xbox and PlayStation 5.

It’s also worth mentioning the design has been drastically changed since the last time we reported on Slightly Mad Studios console.

Here is an excellent Twitter thread from Slightly Mad Studio’s founder and CEO Ian Bell, featuring the new design:



The first thing you’ll notice is the ‘different tack’ the company is taking to marketing and production. The CEO has been very honest and to the point in his public conversation, showing a unique level of transparency and interaction. It’s refreshing to see someone break the mould. I’ll be honest again, I’m a big fan of the design. It grabs attention. It stands out. It is totally unique and blazes its own trail. It’ll be intriguing to see how the console performs, will it continue to impress or will it begin to fade? With investors on board and a strong positive reception to the design, everything is looking positive at this early stage.

The whole situation is going to very interesting as it unfolds and 100% worth following. I’m incredibly excited to see where Slightly Mad Studios take the project and will be fully on board for the ride.

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