Snakebyte Head:Set 4 Review

A headset is a vital accessory in modern gaming. Whether it’s to fully immerse yourself in the latest single player masterpiece like God of War, to party up in Fortnite Battle Royale or just to scream obscenities in PES, there’s a use. Snakebyte has entered the market with two products, one for Xbox One and one for PS4. Thankfully, both are cross compatible though!

Price: £14.99

snakebyte PS4 & Xbox One Gaming Headsets


The headset is first and foremost incredibly compact. There’s no tight or heavy strap across your head. The cushions are a little small, although I am a six foot plus male so that’s no real shock. In terms of size, the headset would be absolutely ideal for a child or young adult. The two colour schemes are subtle, the most pronounced section is the cable and the colour here will match your console perfectly. The cushions are comfortable but too start to get very warm after long periods of play. By long I mean three or four hours though so this isn’t likely to be a universal issue. Volume control and a mute function are included on the cable that connects straight to the AUX port on your controller/device providing a nice bit of convenience. The final design point is on the adjustability. The headset is very easy to adjust, even for larger heads like mine as pictured.

Build Quality

The build quality is totally fine. This isn’t the sturdiest headset in the world but the plastic is solid enough to survive a fall (I tested by dropping it 12 feet from the top of my stairwell). It even survived a stamp (I tested it by accidentally standing on it when I woke up at 6am for work in the dark). One night when I took the headset off the cushion slid off, it was fiddly but easy enough. With small hands it might’ve been even easier. The cable is an excellent 1.2 metres long.


This little headset comes with a smorgasbord of big features. One of the most unique is the portability. It’s foldable and the fact that it’s wired means you’ll never have to worry about a lack of charge. The microphone is also flexible and can be detached. In terms of audio, you have 40mm speakers at your disposal. I have absolutely no complaints about the sound quality. I played a lot of Destiny 2 and Fortnite to test this headset and sound came through as clear as I’d it want it to.


The opening paragraph makes it clear that any gamer will have a ton of opportunities to use a headset. The Head:Set 4 goes the extra mile by being compatible with a plethora of devices. You can use it with the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Laptop, mobile phone(most) and any other device with an AUX port.

For £14.99 this is an absolutely fantastic entry level headset. It’s low risk and wonderfully functional. There is a lot of value here and with Christmas approaching it would be an ideal present for the Fortnite players in your life!

Snakebyte Head:Set 4

Snakebyte Head:Set 4



Build Quality







  • Portability
  • Compatibility
  • Pricing

Not Cool

  • Slightly small
  • Slightly flimsy
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