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TLG Xbox Division

Head of TLG Xbox Division

Mike Ross
Editor , Founder , Head of The Loot Gaming Xbox Division , Writer

Hello there, I'm Mike Ross

I'm really passionate about gaming in general, but I really love sandbox, shooters and strategy games. I usually play on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. I'm also a freelance journalist, law student, guitar player and musician.
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TLG Playstation Division

Head of TLG Playstation Division

Adam Llewellyn
Head of The Loot Gaming Playstation Division , Writer

God of War, Lombax, Superhero, Mercenary, Firefly, Pokemon Master, Hero of Time, Spartan and whatever else gaming allows me to be. Mid 20s Scottish gamer who is addicted to action RPGs like Dark Souls and Kingdom Hearts. Follow me on Twitter and add me as Adam-ell-rfc on PSN!


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TLG Nintendo Division

Head of TLG Nintendo Division

Kyle Payne
Head of The Loot Gaming Nintendo Division , Writer

What can I say? I love writing and I love video games. I don't care about platform loyalty or bandwagon jumping, I care about playing games, having fun, and writing about them. So, let's go on this journey together and game!

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TLG PC Division

Head of TLG PC Division

Ray Frutos
Head Of The Loot Gaming PC Division , Writer

Been making and writing content related to "gamevids" for more than 6 years, and since then I've been growing older (but not wiser). Interviewer, writer, amateur composer and any other word ending in "-er". Castlevania games are my life and indies are my love. If you enjoy what I do here, you should seek medical attention.


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TLG Mobile Division

Head of TLG Mobile Division

Sergio Diaz
Head of The Loot Gaming Mobile Division , Writer

Sergio Diaz is a lover of stories and, video games put him right at the helm of them. Not tuned into one specific genre, he has a broad outlook on gaming. He believes that every console and mobile device has a plethora of gaming opportunities to discover. His purpose here is just that; helping you discover the games you otherwise wouldn’t be playing. Find him on any device under the name: Sergiyakun

The Loot Gaming Staff

Aday B.
Editor , Founder , Writer

Drummer, freelance writer, nurse and xbox gamer.


Gamertag: adayjoker93

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Max Power

This is Max Power! Long time gamer and always looking to talk about games. Follow me on Twitter and on YouTube!

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Ghost Writer

Ever since my dad got me a BBC Micro as a lad, video games have been a large part of my life. When I wasn't playing them, I was reading about them & when I wasn't doing that, I was thinking about them. Now older and a father myself, I have less time to play but rest assured the passion still burns. I currently own all 3 systems so that when I do get the chance, I can play whatever I want to.


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Gunshot Davey

Mid-thirties gamer, FPS fan, and all round nice guy. I predominately game on Xbox but happy to game and support all platforms. Happily Married, father of 2 that juggles the joys of family life with shooting bad guys in the face!


Gamertag: Gunshot Frenzy

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