Star Wars Battlefront 2: Microtransactions Currently SUSPENDED

Microtransactions, loot boxes, and DLC have been some controversial topics. Especially lately. I brought it up in The Writer Within III and it’s a topic that really gained a lot more attention when Battlefront 2 launched this week. Add in the success that Take-Two was boasting about and I had feared the worse and had accepted that this would not change. I told Gamers we had to speak with our wallets and had to choose a company to make an example out of, however, the exact opposite was proving true.

All these means companies have been employing to get more money from a customer after release doesn’t bother me if it is just simple items that are cosmetic or things that don’t affect players in any way, no fair advantages or disadvantages. I’ve praised Overwatch for the way they handle it and I’ve crucified single player focused experiences that have started to implement them, Like Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War.

EA decided, despite the negative press Ubisoft’s For Honor received, that they would make their game very microtransaction heavy. They made the game so heavy with microtransactions that you would have to spend thousands of dollars, after the initial purchase of the full priced game, just to have the opportunity to unlock everything. These aren’t cosmetic items too, we’re talking staple characters that have made the franchise iconic and the monetary means to give players advantages with no effort necessary as long as their financially superior to others. It’s wrong and can’t be justified, especially when skill gets thrown out the window in favor of allowing them to line their pockets with even more money.

What makes this even worse is that this game is actually phenomenal (I know this as I got the game for around $15 dollars thanks to Best Buy coupons that were days away from expiring). Graphically it is one of the best FPS out there, the multiplayer is fun and a blast to play, and the single player story which is an original tale is well cast and actually pretty good. As a package, at a whole, this is the best the franchise might have been when looking at it in its entirety but that will forever be marred by the controversy its shrouded in with its cumbersome microtransactions.

It’s actually poetic justice if you think about it. Their greed cost them so much money because of all the cancelled preorders and negative press the game has received because this one criticism was enough to destroy it and now they are in damage control. On the eve of its official release, EA has announced that it has temporarily suspended all microtransactions in the game. With the recent announcement of Disney canceling Marvel Heroes and Marvel ending their relationship with Gazillion, the developer, I wonder if Disney and Marvel are behind this microtransaction cease. Let’s be honest with one another, it wasn’t EA’s call and they proved based on their actions during the Reddit AMA. Also, they would have never had that weapons controversy during the Beta.

As of now, the microtransactions have been stopped and we’ll have to see how they proceed forward. If they rework this game to eliminate these microtransactions or make some radical changes, the game is definitely worth it. If they don’t, well, the campaign is worth $15 alone. I’ve never heard of this ever happening nor a developer going this far but, as for now, this is a victory for us gamers.

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