Steam Halloween sale is finally here

Steam Halloween Sale

Ladies and gentlemen of the PC community the 1st of 3 seasonal Steam sales is here and it is scary, and not just for your wallets. This being the Halloween sale it focuses on the horror genre with plenty of different games so you can have your fill.

For anyone new to the PC community every year Steam has seasonal sales where they sell hundreds of games on discounted prices for a short time. We have 3 big sales in a year: the Halloween Sale which is happening from Oct 27th to Nov 1st, the Autumn Sale from Nov 22nd to Nov 28th, and the big daddy Winter Sale Dec 21st to January and this sale has games for everyone. Looking for you spooky gamers?

Dead by daylight, -50% $9.99

The forest, -25% $11.24

Five Nights at Freddy’s Bundle, -80% $7.35 

7 Days to Die, -62%, $9.94

Dying light Enhanced Edition, -60% $23.99

If you are not into horror games don’t worry, steam has your back with some great games

GTA 5, -50% $29.99

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition, -60% $19.99

Doom, -33% $20.09

Rise of the Tomb Raider, -60% $23.99

Bayonetta, -33% $13.39

Not interested? Just looking for some hidden gems

Mass Effect Collection (1 and 2), -75% $8.74

Dead Space Pack (1 and 2) -72% $9.79

Overlord: Ultimate Evil Collection (1, 2, and DLC), -80% $8.76

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, -60% $9.99

Jade Empire: Special Edition, -66% $5.09

Yes, the Halloween steam sale is here and they have discounts for everyone. The Halloween sale is up right now and will end on November 1st so either get your games now or hope they will be on discount for the other sales. Just try to make sure your wallet isn’t scarier than your new games!

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