This Is Snooker Officially Announced

‘Stephen Hendry’s This Is Snooker’ Has Been Officially Announced

Ever since I managed to get my hands on the preview of This Is Snooker, I have been eagerly waiting news of launch dates like a kid waits for Christmas. Well, the other day (Wednesday 3rd April) I was scrolling through my Twitter feed when a certain tweet grabbed my eye and stopped me in my tracks:

This Is Snooker

For a while now, since last September at EGX to be exact, I have been keeping tabs on the progress of This Is Pool from the guys at Voofoo Studios.

Wow that certainly caught my attention, it’s the launch date… it just had to be the launch date, right? Well, the day finally came (Thursday 4th April) with the bombshell news and there is me again back scrolling my feed, however, this time I do have a purpose as I’m eagerly waiting for the news.

2pm that afternoon the news I was waiting for dropped, and I was not expecting this, let the reveal trailer tell you more as I’m still speechless with the shock;

Stephen Hendry’s This Is Snooker is on the way ladies and gentlemen, with a massive coup Voofoo Studios have brought together their gaming development brains with the record-breaking snooker legend (and also my favorite snooker player ever!) to give you the most immersive gaming experience a cue simulation has ever brought us.

This Is Snooker

This Is Snooker has been developed from the ground up using Stephen Hendry’s unrivaled knowledge at every step, allowing Voofoo to bring the most in-depth cue sports simulation ever with career modes and many different mini-games on offer to even test the seasoned pro.

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This Is Snooker

Stephen Hendry appears in the game himself as an AI opponent and also as a mentor to help you polish your skills.

This Is Snooker

All six locations on offer have been painstakingly recreated to give you the true feeling of playing the game for real and to add more depth and realism, world renown referee Michaela Tabb has also added her voice to the game as the in-game referee, giving the game a more realistic depth and feel.

Published by Double Eleven and developed by Voofoo Studios, ‘Stephen Hendry’s This Is Snooker’ will be available as a Deluxe Edition which will also include This Is Pool (this will also be available as a stand-alone) the price of which has not yet been announced neither has the date for release but it has been said that it will be released across all major platforms!

Be sure to keep an eye here as we will update you with any information when it drops.

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