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Suit Up For A Chicken Dinner

Starting tomorrow December 7th,  Xbox is releasing one of three Xbox exclusive customization packs for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The packs were announced at Paris Games Week in early November. The pack being released first is The PUBG Warrior Pack. This pack includes four items: a balaclava hat, camo t-shirt, pants and tennis shoes.


These packs will be available only for a specific amount of time however. The reason behind this is because the game will be released in early access were there won’t be any in-game purchases.

PUBG Accessory Pack available December 14-17 ($4.99 USD)

PUBG Tracksuit Pack available December 21-24 ($4.99 USD)

These packs are a special thank you gift from the Xbox and PUBG Corp team for fans eagerly awaiting the game and who will pick up the game day one even though it’s in early access. You can expect me to pick up a pack, heck…  maybe even two!

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