Sunset Overdrive 2 might be on the way

The developers of one of the best (in my opinion) launch games ever “Sunset Overdrive” want to make a sequel. Oh yes, it grabbed my attention too, unfortunately there is one quite big stumbling block ..urm.. no publisher which kind of helps to have one, its is hoped that Microsoft will step in and fund a console exclusive title however it is thought that all focus and funds are being pushed into the juggernaut that is Player Unknowns Battlegrounds,which is completely understandable. This would be a great thing for Microsoft to get on board as the console exclusive list is dwindling and definitely lacks variety which a Sunset Overdrive game would most definitely offer.

Gamers have been asking Microsoft for a sequel to the awesome game that Sunset Overdrive was, although it was never a box office smash, it definitely provided a different experience in the gameplay, think Jet Set Radio on steroids then you come about close.

Would Microsoft be willing to take the risk and listen to the gamers and produce a sequel to something that wasn’t regarded as a commercial success? I certainly hope so.

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