Super Hyperactive Ninja Review

Super Hyperactive Ninja revolves around two things; Ninjas and Coffee. One of these things I’m extremely familiar with, the other, not so much. Can you guess which? Hint: I love coffee.

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch; Also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


You take the role of Kohimaru, the last of the Coffee-Nin, who is on a mission to recover the Legendary Coffee that was stolen from the secret ninja village of Kohinomura by the evil Shogun! You must defeat the Shoguns evil army consisting of ninjas, samurais and even yokai generals! It doesn’t need to make sense… Think you can do it?



Super Hyperactive Ninja is a fast-paced 2D action-platforming game that is all about using the power of caffeine to make your way through each level. Coffee in this game is your bread and butter, you need it to survive (as do I). But what do you actually do? Well, the levels are pretty much designed to have you fail a few times. The gameplay is very similar to the likes of Super Meat Boy; very fast-paced and you have to die a couple times in order to learn how to progress through a level.

How it does differ from the likes of Super Meat Boy is that you actually have enemies to defeat on top of progressing through these levels. The annoying thing is how you defeat these enemies. It’s not just a case of pressing a button and attacking. That would be too easy. You have to enter what’s called Hyper mode, which allows you to move faster and also jump up walls, whilst consuming your ‘coffee bar’ and the enemy must be facing away from you. Only then can you defeat them. It’s frustrating to say the least as your ninja is pretty much defenceless without Hyper Mode. As you’re progressing through levels defeating enemies you will have certain collectables along the way. The main one being cups of coffee. These are extremely important as if your coffee bar goes empty, that’s it. Game Over. You also have coins to collect which will add to your score. Admittingly, Super Hyperactive Ninja’s gameplay is incredibly infuriating. It consists of awkward controls and annoying levels.

It does have some form of replayability as when you have finished the fairly short 5 hour long campaign the game encourages you to go back through the levels to improve on your scores. Although, I’m not really sure you would want to.


Graphics & Sound

The game is completely 2D and although it won’t blow you away, it’s still pleasant to look at. It has fairly basic level design and pretty basic character design in the way that each level is similar to the last and though there are different types of enemy, each enemy looks the same. I would’ve liked a little bit of difference between them but maybe that’s just me being picky. The characters are animated nicely, but they are just lacking a little bit of imagination, in my opinion.

The games soundtrack is the one thing that gives the game a little bit of umph. It’s an assortment of up-beat, 8 bit tracks that go hand in hand with the fast-paced gameplay.



Sadly, I couldn’t really enjoy my time spent with Super Hyperactive Ninja, its frustrating controls overshadow anything good about the game. The amount of times I died due to bouncing back off a wall when I had meant to jump up it is unreal. It has some interesting concepts but they just aren’t implemented very well. Basic level design and a lack of anything to hold your interest makes if hard for me to recommend this game. Some may find some enjoyment out of it, if you spend long enough looking for something to enjoy.

Super Hyperactive Ninja









  • Exciting soundtrack
  • Coffee!

Not Cool

  • Awkward controls
  • Basic level design
  • Frustrating

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