Super Smash Bros Ultimate is SMASHING all the records

Puns are great. Who doesn’t love them? Nintendo probably do. Fortunately for gaming journalists everywhere, the newest entry in the Super Smash Bros series is literally smashing every record set. In the United States alone, Super Smash Bros Ultimate has sold three million copies in eleven days. Three million! Nintendo also revealed:

The title is the fastest selling Nintendo home console game of all time in Europe. Home console likely means that a handheld game, most definitely Pokémon, has outsold it. But it’s undoubtedly an incredible result. In its first weekend on sale, it outsold the Wii U version 300%. Considering only 9 people own a Wii U, that isn’t really overly impressive, but it did outsell Brawl 60% and absolutely everyone owned a Wii. That doesn’t include digital.

In Japan the picture continues to look very rosy for Nintendo’s flagship fighter. Not including digital sales the game has sold over 1,200,000 copies. This means that Smash Bros Ultimate is now the second biggest Nintendo published game in Japan at launch, second only to Pokémon Gold & Silver… Which is cheating really as there are two of those that I’m sure people have double dipped on. The game is fantastic and deserves every bit of credit coming its way.

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