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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster Is Everyone’s Dream!

Nintendo exceeded all expectations, hopes, and dreams as they have revealed the roster for the latest Super Smash Bros. The game receives the name Ultimate because it brings every fighter to ever make an appearance in Smash. That’s right.

Every. Single. Character. Doesn’t matter if they launched with the game or came as DLC, they are all here on the cartridge. It literally is everything that we’ve all wanted.

These characters aren’t just brought over either, they are rebalanced and with some changes. Pokemon trainer and Pikachu have gender options, Mario is based off of Odyssey, Link is based off is Breath Of The Wild persona, and characters have their moves reworked.

Ryu has been changed to control better when fighting one on one, a ton of characters have new Final Smashes, and returning characters like Snake have been altered to be more competitive. Characters also have expressive faces when battling.

Daisy finally makes an appearance as a character swap for Princess Peach.

Stages are plentiful and come from prior entries as well as new stages from Breath Of The Wild and Splatoon, to name a few. They all have battlefield and Omega versions.

Also, 8 player Smash returns & and the highly requested Ridley is now in Smash.

What did you think of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Excited? Who is your main? Comment down below and remember to follow The Loot Gaming for all your gaming news and reviews and on everything from E3!

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