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“Last Day on Earth: Survival” the new standard for freemium mobile games

Overview Last Day on Earth is a freemium mobile survival sandbox with creative cutting-edge mechanics, sweet graphics, out of the box marketing, and tons of content, really, the number of different weapons, armor, vehicles, upgrades, buildings… I’m getting off track, the point is the guys at Kefir Games took Edison’s saying very seriously “Genius is […]

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Review: Slayaway Camp

Reviewed+Played on Xbox One S, Available on Xbox/PlayStation 4/iOS/Android/Steam Welcome.. to the world of Slayaway camp! You rock a character named Skullface! Objective? Get rid of those meddling teenagers like the Scooby gang! Always getting into your business.. but never going away! Decapitate, eviscerate, dis-embowel, bludgeon, drown your way to glory!! Just leave the cute […]