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Ninjin: Clash of Carrots Review
Ninjin pays homage to the classic coin-operated side scrolling beat ‘em ups of yore. Is it worth the quarters?

Story When Shogun Moe steals all of the carrots from the villagers, it’s up to Ninja Warrior Rabbit Ninjin and Ninja Fox Akai to follow the thieves and reclaim the stolen treasure. Follow the villains through four worlds inspired by feudal Japan and show Shogun Moe he messed with the wrong rabbit! Gameplay Ninjin: Clash […]

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Numskull Designs unveil official limited collector’s edition PAC-MAN Arcade cabinets

This is cool. This is really cool. This is so cool we’re going to start with a picture. PAC-MAN is renowned worldwide. It sits alongside Tetris as one of the most well known video game franchises, everyone knows and recognizes the round yellow creature and his ghostly enemies. This full playable, 1/4 size replica arcade […]

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Ninja Shodown release dates

Rising Star Games, in partnership with UK-based development studio Bitmap Bureau, announced that Ninja Shodown releases today on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system in Europe and globally on PC, Mac and Linux. In the USA Ninja Shodown on PlayStation®4 system releases on September 28. Releases for Xbox One and for Nintendo Switch™ will follow shortly. To celebrate the release of Ninja Shodown, […]