Destiny 2 Roadmap and DLC Pack 2 Details Revealed!

Destiny 2 had a rocky start to say the least. Despite an initially positive critical reception and strong sales, the game suffered as players discovered a lack of content as they put more time in and ...[Read More]

Bungie Paywalls Destiny 2 Forums

Bungie. Bungie. Bungie. It seems like its always 1 step forward and 2 steps back, especially with your disappointing sequel Destiny 2. Firstly news broke this week that the competitive end game mode o...[Read More]

Destiny 2 Development Roadmap

Today Bungie came out with a development roadmap of features, events and items that players will see over the coming weeks and months up until mid year. It is no secret that Destiny 2 has struggled si...[Read More]

Bungie The Fallen

Cast your minds back to the year 2004. A special year for Xbox fans. After having released classic games such as the original Halo, Myth and Marathon, 2004 was a year in gaming that sticks out for me....[Read More]

Bungie Goes Back to School – The State of Destiny 2

Everyone and their dog has an opinion on the Destiny franchise. For every person who loves the grind for loot, there are those who find the games both shallow and uninteresting. The first game was rel...[Read More]

Bungie Sure Has A Busy Week Ahead Of Them…

You know with the release of Destiny 2 on Tuesday. As you may know, many players have already pre downloaded Destiny 2 on their consoles already; including myself. Because of that, as soon as the game...[Read More]