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Playstation Hits is a range of the best PS4 titles for only £15.99/$19.99
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From the Playstation Blog we have the reveal of Playstation Hits. Starting with 20 games available on July 18th, Playstation will be offering a range of titles for only £15.99/$19.99. The titles are all big names, ranging from the very best exclusives like Bloodborne to third party gems such as Rayman Legends. Here’s the full list: Bloodborne Driveclub inFAMOUS […]

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Gameseek is seeking no more

Sad news for many gamers out there, controversial online retailer Gameseek has ceased trading today, leaving many gamers out of pocket with many pre-orders left unfulfilled. The letter pictured above (obtained by Eurogamer and posted on social media) is what many of Gameseek’s are unfortunately receiving instead of their pre-ordered games, some of which, from […]