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In Development – Ludum Dare 41 Roundup

This month we have a special edition of In Development. We’re going to take a look to five of the best entries to Ludum Dare 41! This means that the demos of this roundup will be a bit rawer tha...[Read More]

Inside the Global Game Jam

The Global Game Jam is the largest game jam event in the world with 42,800 jammers who made 8,606 games on 803 sites in 108 countries. They started 10 years ago and they’ve been helping develope...[Read More]

5 Indie Games Currently in Development

Every year we’re seeing a dramatic increase in indie video games releases but this awesome news also come with a downside, a lot of great concepts are getting trampled by the rockslide of titles...[Read More]

Unity Connect, social media for game developers

Whether you’re looking for work in game development, crowdsourcing for your project, or just to be in touch with other gamers like yourself, Unity connect is the place to go. While looking for w...[Read More]

Ready, Player One? Why We Need Single Player Campaigns

The single player game has been under assault ever since online gaming became more accessible. It began with the Xbox and was perfected with the Xbox 360, being connected to Xbox LIVE virtually non-st...[Read More]

Crackdown 3 and The Development Woes at Xbox

It’s no secret that Xbox has some of the biggest franchises in gaming history. It’s also no secret that over the years Xbox has suffered from some high profile game cancellations and delay...[Read More]