God Of War

PS Plus September 2018: It’s your Destiny 2 become a God of War (III)

I put all my effort into the headline. Here’s your PS Plus games for September 2018: Destiny 2 With the huge update hitting this week as well the series’ largest ever expansion; Forsaken, ...[Read More]

Four months after release, Game of the Year God of War is getting a New Game+ mode

On August 20th, everyone who owns the only game I’ve ever given a 10/10 will receive a very special gift. A free patch will be released to introduce a New Game+ mode to Kratos’ latest adve...[Read More]

Skipping school/work to game: Western culture should embrace the fabled Japanese ‘Dragon Quest Law’

There’s an incredible real life gaming legend that comes straight out of Japan. When Ni No Kuni developer collaborated with series owners and publishers Square Enix on Dragon Quest VII: Journey ...[Read More]

UK Charts: Jurassic World roars into number 2 while Crash Bandicoot holds on at the top

Here is the UKIE/GfK physical chart for the week ending June 30th: Last Week This Week Title 1 1 Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy New Entry 2 Jurassic World: Evolution 2 3 FIFA 18 2 4 The Crew 2 4 5 Ma...[Read More]

God Of War Finally Recieving New Game Plus!

The tremendously selling God Of War will be receiving an update in the form of New Game Plus. This was one of the most requested additions and it’s nice to see Sony always listening to its fans!...[Read More]

Playstation announces the return of ‘Days of Play’ Sales Event

From the 8th to 18th June, Days of Play is returning From the EU PlayStation Blog: We’re very excited to announce that we’re bringing back Days of Play this year – a global promotion that celebrates t...[Read More]

Ten Amazing Narrative Experiences Available on PS4

With Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human the latest AAA first party title to drop from Playstation, we thought we’d take a look at some of the other amazing narrative experiences that ar...[Read More]

God of War passes 5 million copies sold

Congratulations to Sony Santa Monica and Game Director Cory Barlog as their game has passed the 5 million units sold worldwide mark in the first month of sales. The game has broken record after record...[Read More]

How Playstation’s E3 2018 is missing the mark for this Fan

E3 is a magical time of year for any gamer and for the gaming community. Leaks, reveals, announcements, release dates, disappointment at the lack of Bloodborne 2… it truly is an emotional roller...[Read More]

God of War Opinion

God of War is not a perfect game

Reviews speak of a perfect game released on PS4, a game that features

Sony’s God Of War Reigns Supreme With Record Sales Numbers!

There is only one king this generation and the name of the one at the top of the mountain is no other than Sony. Sony has dominated this console cycle through a capable console but, more importantly, ...[Read More]

God of War Review

In 2005 David Jaffe and Sony Santa Monica released God of War on the PS2. Fast forward thirteen years and we’re getting another game with an identical name from the same studio, although under t...[Read More]

God of War: Seven Spoiler free Beginner tips

So far I’ve spent nearly twenty hours with Kratos and Atreus. I have to say it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience and I can’t wait to unleash my thoughts in thelootgaming.com&#...[Read More]

How Playstation Invented and Perfected the ‘Dad Simulator’

Back in the PS3’s console generation Sony was lagging behind Microsoft. After a horror story of a start, the PS3 finally started to gather traction and really cement itself as an excellent conso...[Read More]

How Kratos is Ryse-ing to the Occassion

It’s been 13 years since we were first introduced to Kratos, killer of Gods. Splashing our screen with ferocious violence and action like we’d never seen before. The first God of War launc...[Read More]

To Be Continued… The Sequels I’m Still Waiting For

It’s really quite amazing that some titles just keep on coming year after year, sequel after sequel. From your “update” style sequels for sports games like FIFA and Madden, to your “same franchise, di...[Read More]

PSX2017: God of War update from developer

God of War at PSX2017 During the panel at PSX, Corey Barlog has revealed more information regarding upcoming PS4 exclusive God of War. We already know from previous information shared that the game is...[Read More]

God of War release date leaked?

Today we had some interesting developments regarding God of War. In the US PlayStation store it was noted that the release date suddenly had what appears to be a more definitive date. Prior to today t...[Read More]