Google enters the gaming market in a BIG way

Google has just finished their GDC Keynote. Here is a summary of everything they’ve announced: Starts with a hilarious cricket joke. No one cares. Followed up with a joke about the little jumpin...[Read More]

Google Has Teased A Big Gaming Announcement

With the recent project stream rumors and the news of Google filing a patent for a gaming controller, Google has yet again set the gaming world’s tongues wagging by releasing a cryptic teaser vi...[Read More]

Google controller

Google Files Patent for a gaming controller, here’s how it looks

Google is hungry and it's taking a bite on the gaming industry. Rumors have been pointing the company may be working on a game streaming project.

Google Game Streaming Rumours

There are strong rumors all over social media that internet powerhouse Google could well be ready to strong-arm their way into the gaming industry. Google has been working on a “game streaming&#...[Read More]

Gumballs & Dungeons Review

It is very rare when you find a mobile game you enjoy for longer than a week or so. It is even more rare to find a game and really enjoy it as well as feel close to the other players in it even just a...[Read More]