MCC Gets Xbox X Update

343 Industries have announced today that Halo The Master Chief Collection will be getting an update ready for Xbox One X. The announcement today confirmed that MCC will receive enhancements for Xbox One X as well as some under the bonnet tinkering to improve certain aspects of the game and modernising to make the most of the X full potential.  […]

Halo Recruit Is Coming …..

News just coming out of 343 Industries camp; the wonderful world of Halo is coming to Windows Mixed Reality on October 17th in the form of “Halo Recruit”. Unfortunately it has been said that “Halo Recruit” will not be a full game, it is more of a VR experience. It is being billed as more of a fun introduction into […]

Xbox: My Home For Shooters

I spent most of my life playing games on the PlayStation and PlayStation 2, I always saw myself carrying on to the next generation but for some reason most of my friends were more excited for the Xbox 360. I hadn’t made the jump to the next generation until after the release of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and […]