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Blacksea Odyssey Review

PlayStation has always been a great home for the top-down space shooters; games like Super Stardust and Pixeljunk Shooter easily come to mind when thinking of the genre. Blacksea Odyssey tries to get ...[Read More]

In Development – February’s Roundup

For the new edition of “In Development” I have a great selection of innovative concepts for you to try. I’m expanding my exploration to include early access android games, so you can...[Read More]

5 Indie Games Currently in Development

Every year we’re seeing a dramatic increase in indie video games releases but this awesome news also come with a downside, a lot of great concepts are getting trampled by the rockslide of titles...[Read More]

Unity Connect, social media for game developers

Whether you’re looking for work in game development, crowdsourcing for your project, or just to be in touch with other gamers like yourself, Unity connect is the place to go. While looking for w...[Read More]