Spyro Reignited Trilogy Xbox One Version, Screenshots and Trailer Leaked

As if there weren’t enough rumors surrounding everyone’s favorite purple Dragon’s triumphant return, there’s another leak via Amazon India. The site has a listing for both a PS...[Read More]

Tomb Raider sequel about to come out of the Shadows?

Update: As stated below and according to yesterday’s leak, Shadow Of the Tomb Raider was officially announced today and will be released September 14th 2018 On Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Additional i...[Read More]

Sega Genesis Collection Leaked and Release Date Revealed

Via www.seganerds.com we have details of a new collection of SEGA games headed to current gen platforms this Spring. On May 29th the SEGA Genesis Collection hits PC, PS4 and Xbox One and will include ...[Read More]

E3 floor plans reveal booth sizes of the big three publishers and more

Resetera user Rosti has done some investigating and managed to dig up the preliminary floor plans for this years Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3. The event runs from 13th-15th June and will feature ...[Read More]

God of War release date leaked?

Today we had some interesting developments regarding God of War. In the US PlayStation store it was noted that the release date suddenly had what appears to be a more definitive date. Prior to today t...[Read More]

Original Xbox BC games leaked?

Apparently, (discovered by twitter user @GamerTagstic) if you visit Gamestop, by going to Trade in> Games> Search: BC <XBOX> this “leaked” list of original Xbox games will appe...[Read More]