Loot boxes

The Writer Within X

LEVEL 10: MONEY HUNGRY We’ve talked about microtransactions, we’ve talked about Loot boxes, we’ve even spoken about downloadable content and how it may, or may not, be additional content purposely hel...[Read More]

EA’s Anthem news blowout: Microtransactions, no loot boxes, huge monsters!

Anthem is absolutely stunning. EA really set their E3 2018 press conference around it and as you can tell by the trailers, there is a good reason for that. The 3rd person shared world action RPG (take...[Read More]

Loot Boxes, Microtransactions and why I think some gamers are getting very lazy

Loot Boxes are a very hot topic at the minute – there is some controversy over the microtransaction system that requires real money to be spent after a game has been purchased and if indeed this...[Read More]

The Future Of Take-Two

In the ‘Writer Within’ series we discussed microtransactions in level two. You know where I stand on the matter. I explained how we, as gamers, have the power to stop microtransactions from becoming s...[Read More]

The Writer Within II

LEVEL TWO: Prison Song Loot boxes are everywhere nowadays, right? It’s like a virus that has slowly been getting stronger and spreading into a vast array of genres. What’s the cure? Why did they appea...[Read More]