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Kotaku’s take on Spider-Man’s attitude to the Police is incredibly out of touch with the character, universe and real life Police

Recently Kotaku published an opinion article stating that ‘Spider-Man’s Take on Police Feels Out of Touch‘. Click the link to check out the article, I’ll summarize the piece right here though. Deadspin also has a similar article that lambasts Spidey’s relationship with the Police force. That’s linked in the final paragraph but its points are […]

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Skipping school/work to game: Western culture should embrace the fabled Japanese ‘Dragon Quest Law’

There’s an incredible real life gaming legend that comes straight out of Japan. When Ni No Kuni developer collaborated with series owners and publishers Square Enix on Dragon Quest VII: Journey of the Cursed King for PS2 in 2004, two million Japanese citizens allegedly took a sick day from work to play it. This was […]