Mike Ybarra

Xbox Game Clip & Screenshot Share Feature Is Being Re-Looked At

The Xbox Game Clip and ScreenShot share feature has always been not so user friendly. Users have always had to jump through a couple loops to be able to post their awesome game stomping clips or beaut...[Read More]

Clarification on Mike Ybarra’s “Tweet”

Last night Corporate Vice Preseident Mike Ybarra known as @XboxQwik on Twitter posted a tweet that many people mistook as a jab towards the debacle of the on going situation happening with NEOGAF. The...[Read More]

Xbox Gives The Gift That Keeps On Giving

During PAX West Xbox Programing Director Major Nelson discussed with Xbox Platform CVP Mike Ybarra about the option of gamers gifting games to each other and having wish lists. Out of the conversation...[Read More]

What kind of exclusiveness PUBG has on Xbox One?

There are always two ways for any company to share news, no matter if those are good, bad or almost irrelevant. The good way should be sharing objective and clear facts or information. Sounds logic, r...[Read More]