Monster Hunter World

‘Iceborne’ Monster Hunter World New DLC

When I reviewed Monster Hunter World at launch, I thought it was a great experience and a bold new direction for the series. Even if it isn’t my cup of tea. Since then, Capcom has supported the game w...[Read More]

Monster Hunter: World PC Release Date and Specs Revealed

After great anticipation, Capcom officially revealed today that Monster Hunter: World will be headed to Steam August 9th, 2018. In fact, you can head over to Steam right now to pre-order your copy and...[Read More]

Final Fantasy XIV Getting New Updates and Monster Hunter World Content?!

A new update is coming to the massive Final Fantasy XIV online! Everything from new content in quests, cosmetics, and even some new goodies in the form of cross promotion from Capcom with their massiv...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World Review

OVERVIEW Monster Hunter World is the newest entry in Capcom’s beloved series. The series has been dominating in Japan and slowly been gaining popularity in other regions. This appears to be Capc...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World’s Adopt-A-Hunter initiative

Tutorial for What?   I remember fighting my first Monster. The Great Jaggi. I personally referred to it as the Great Wall. No matter what I tried to do, I was unable to defeat this beast. Mind yo...[Read More]