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Xbox One rejuvenated this generation

Phil Spencer has rejuvenated Xbox One this generation, where’s his credit? It has been a pretty rocky generation for Xbox to say the least. Ever since that absolutely brutal reveal -yes, I’...[Read More]

Phil Spencer: Xbox will ‘Go Big’ at E3

Xbox fans should be very excited for E3 2019 if recent comments by Xbox head Phil Spencer are to be believed. According to an email from Spencer acquired by Thurrott, this is what he said immediately ...[Read More]

Microsoft: Xbox Third Party Or Great Visionary?

Christopher Dring recently wrote an article with an interview from Kevin Gammill, who happens to be the GM of gaming cloud at Microsoft. His article can be found here, I recommend it as it’s an insigh...[Read More]

Microsoft Looking To Buy EA, Valve, and PUBG Corp.?

I’ve sort have become the rumor guy around here, huh? What can I say? I’m fascinated and curious about potential “what ifs” coming true. With that out of the way, let’s look at the next room and...[Read More]

4K HDR Compatible Apps Are Being Worked On For Xbox

Today Phil Spencer was active today on Twitter, answering some questions people were asking him. I came across a certain couple of tweets about a subject that a lot of people have been wondering for a...[Read More]

Xbox 1st Party Games are Coming

It was only a matter of time until Xbox fans were going to start seeing an increase of 1st party titles from in-house studios.  Earlier this morning, on November 6th an article from Bloomberg Tec...[Read More]

[Opinion] The Future of Xbox is Bright

The Future of Xbox is bright, no doubts about it!   People always like to cast doubt over the future of Xbox and its brand. Whether they are fans of another platform, toxic social media attack ac...[Read More]

Ready, Player One? Why We Need Single Player Campaigns

The single player game has been under assault ever since online gaming became more accessible. It began with the Xbox and was perfected with the Xbox 360, being connected to Xbox LIVE virtually non-st...[Read More]