8.2 Great

Ghost Giant Review

The developers behind the beautiful Fe and the zany Flipping Death are presenting PS4 owners with this haunting adventure game: Ghost Giant.

Skyworld 8.2 Great

Skyworld PS VR Review

I’ve always been a pretty huge advocate of Virtual Reality, especially PS VR. I think PlayStation has brought a great product to the mass market. The product was always going to live or die base...[Read More]

First Person Shooter ‘Evasion’ PS VR release date revealed

PS VR is really hitting its stride. Just recently Sony announced that the headset had surpassed 3 million sales worldwide. Along the way the platform has amassed a lot of amazing titles, Firesprite...[Read More]

E3 2018: Whatever happened to PS VR?

Playstation VR has had a decent year so far. With top quality titles like Apex Construct and Moss, as well as first party experiences like The Inpatient and Bravo Team, the platform is receiving varie...[Read More]

PlayStation to reveal three new games and more before E3 2018!

It’s Christmas time for gamers, the E3 build up. In one week it will just be beginning, we’ll have seen a couple of conferences and be gearing up for the next few. It is incredibly excitin...[Read More]