Torn VR 8 Great

Torn VR: A Jigsaw Puzzle for the Narrative Mind

Torn VR is a good game. From the mind of writers Neill Glancy (Stranglehold) and Susan O’Connor (Tomb Raider, BioShock), comes Torn VR. A sci-fi point-and-click mystery full of whimsy physics and dise...[Read More]

8 Great

Falcon Age Review

Outerloop Games first entry makes a strong start into the VR World. You can't miss this action-adventure game.

Bethesda playing nice with everyone is refreshingly glorious in 2018

Bethesda is currently one of the biggest video games developer and publisher in the world. With a slate of highly regarded IP, including RPGs like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, First Person Shooters ...[Read More]

The Persistence PS VR Review

Overview Formed by former members of Sony’s Liverpool studio, who developed several games in the Wipeout franchise, Firesprite has created their biggest project yet: The Persistence. The team ha...[Read More]

E3 2018: Déraciné Revealed for PlayStation VR

Déraciné, A new collaborative PSVR project between FromSoftware and SIE Japan studio, was revealed during Playsation’s uniquely ambitious E3 2018 Presentation. Déraciné is an all new adventure game in...[Read More]

Sony’s 4th Pre-E3 Game Announced: Ghost Giant

The fourth pre-E3 announced game by Sony is the adorable looking Ghost Giant by wonderful developer Zoink, known for developing indie sensations such as Stick It To The Man, Fe, and Flipping Death. Th...[Read More]

Apex Construct gets Brand New Mode!

Developers giving continuous and free support to their games is something that I believe it’s incredibly special in 2018. Keep a community engaged and giving them constant value for their money ...[Read More]

Apex Construct Review

Overview Apex Construct comes from Fast Travel Games, a Virtual Reality game developer with a view of creating games that people won’t forget and will come back to time and time again. This is a...[Read More]

Tetris Effect Announced For PlayStation 4 and VR!

Sony announced that the lead up to their E3 press conference, taking place Monday June 11th, would be with some PlayStation reveals. Well Tetris Effect has been unveiled to the world with VR support p...[Read More]

Playstation announces the return of ‘Days of Play’ Sales Event

From the 8th to 18th June, Days of Play is returning From the EU PlayStation Blog: We’re very excited to announce that we’re bringing back Days of Play this year – a global promotion that celebrates t...[Read More]

Time Carnage VR Review

Overview Time Carnage is a virtual reality shooter from British independent studio Wales Interactive. The BAFTA winning studio has published a variety of games since their inception in 2011. These inc...[Read More]

The American Dream VR Review

Overview The United States of America is currently caught amidst a huge gun debate. On the 24th of March it was estimated that between one and two million people took place in a massive protest across...[Read More]

PSX2017: Firewall: Zero Hour coming to PSVR

Ever thought what the PSVR needed was a true first person shooter experience built from the ground up? Well if so then you are in luck. Firewall: Zero Hour seems to take that request on and add to it....[Read More]

PlayStation 4 is Unstoppable

Today Sony announced their engagement numbers along with an updated amount of consoles sold. Let’s just say that with the recent announcement it looks like the only thing that is going to stop t...[Read More]

Latest update puts Gran Turismo Sport back in the race

It’s been a busy time lately for driving games. We’ve had the release of Forza Motorsport 7, riding the wave of Xbox One X excitement with it’s 4K at 60fps glory. Then there was Proj...[Read More]

PSVR is the hot ticket item for Black Friday

According to reports, the PSVR has become the top-selling item on Amazon UK. That isn’t just in the Gaming Hardware section but across the entire site. PSVR has seen a sales  increase of 46,700%...[Read More]

PlayStation Plus Titles for November 2017

PlayStation has announced the titles for their instant game collection for November 2017. While not as strong of a lineup compared to the previous months, its still a pretty solid offering. Previous m...[Read More]

PlayStation Plus Games October 2017

Most generally it seems PlayStation notoriously waits till the absolute last-minute to announce the next month’s PlayStation Plus offerings. Instead, they announced them today and let me tell yo...[Read More]