NPD shows exclusives matter: God of War and Detroit Become Human outsold every Xbox One title in June in the US

Sony Santa Monica’s God of War is unstoppable. It deserves to be. From the moment you catch the Leviathan axe for the first time until the breathtaking ending the game is a total masterpiece. An...[Read More]

Europe, Middle East and Africa Video Game Sales Charts: Mario & Crash are dominating the world!

Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy on Nintendo Switch is the top selling video game at retail in the European, Middle East and African market. EMEA for short, has its sales information compiled by the G...[Read More]

Crash hops, spins and slides his way to his EIGHTH UK Number One

UKIE/GfK physical chart for the week ending June 30th: Last Week This Week Title 22 1 Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy New Entry 2 The Crew 2 2 3 FIFA 18 1 4 Mario Tennis Aces 3 5 God of War 4 6 Mario ...[Read More]

God of War passes 5 million copies sold

Congratulations to Sony Santa Monica and Game Director Cory Barlog as their game has passed the 5 million units sold worldwide mark in the first month of sales. The game has broken record after record...[Read More]

EA Underestimates Number of Xbox One Consoles Sold

This week Electronic Arts had their annual investor meeting. From this meeting we got a couple of interesting revelations. One of them is the release date of co-op Sci-fi shooter Anthem, the other was...[Read More]

Sony’s God Of War Reigns Supreme With Record Sales Numbers!

There is only one king this generation and the name of the one at the top of the mountain is no other than Sony. Sony has dominated this console cycle through a capable console but, more importantly, ...[Read More]

March 2018 NPD: PS4 Dominates, Sea of Thieves has Strong Sales

Far Cry 5 tops the US Video Game charts for the month of March. According to NPD Analyst Mat Piscatella it has also become the best selling title for 2018 and has nearly doubled the launch sales of Fa...[Read More]

Shovel Knight Sells 2 Million Copies!

You read that right. Yacht Club’s indie darling Shovel Knight has sold over 2 million copies. The game took 18 months to hit the first million and 26 months to hit the second. It’s an incr...[Read More]

UK Software Charts: Xbox One has a Strong Week

Here we have it, the Top 40 chart for the week ending 7th April. These numbers are based on individual units on each format. Xbox One has four out of the top five games here, indicating a strong sales...[Read More]

Impressive new sales numbers for Sony’s Playstation 4 revealed

Sony announced the company’s financial results for the period ending December 31st 2017 today showing that the PS4 has reached 76.5 million worldwide units shipped. This is getting very close to...[Read More]

Xbox One X launch gives Microsoft hardware sales a boost

Despite not having any detailed sales figures for Microsoft’s gaming hardware their recent financial report has given an insight into how the Xbox division is performing. For the period ending J...[Read More]

PlayStation 4 is Unstoppable

Today Sony announced their engagement numbers along with an updated amount of consoles sold. Let’s just say that with the recent announcement it looks like the only thing that is going to stop t...[Read More]