Telltale Games

Saying Goodbye to Telltale Games with my top ten moments from their titles

Before writing this article I honestly had no idea just how many games Telltale had made. They’re a juggernaut. Looking at their back catalogue and they’ve made CSI and Wallace and Gromit ...[Read More]

Report indicates Walking Dead developer Telltale Games appears to be downsizing

Updated Telltale Games have just released a press statement via their official Twitter account, addressing the current situation; — The Walking Dead Game (@telltalegam...[Read More]

Did Telltale Games just tease The Walking Dead Season 4?!

In a cryptic tweet, Telltale Games left a single image with nothing said, allowing fans across the world to speculate what the team has in store for their point and click zombie apocalypse adventure. ...[Read More]