The Writer Within

The Writer Within XIV

Before we get into this, I would like to thank the very talented Matt Made for stepping in for me on the last Writer Within. He is a very talented writer and an up and coming YouTuber who produces gre...[Read More]

The Writer Within XII

Last week’s Writer Within was terrible. It’s the one entry I hate the most because I had to define myself against some anonymous body snatcher with multiple personalities and a sick fascination with c...[Read More]

The Writer Within XI

BOSS FIGHT Hello everyone, this entry of The Writer Within will be a little different. It should have been released earlier than usual too. I like to shoot for Fridays. My goal of the series has alway...[Read More]

The Writer Within IX

LEVEL 9: Voicing Reviews When I review a game, I review it based on the product in hand. I don’t bring any background information into it, I do my best to avoid all information on a game when I know b...[Read More]

The Writer Within VIII

SEASON TWO: WELCOME HOME The Writer Within has returned! Whoo! A round of applause for our special guest today, NDAs! Unless… well, the NDA prohibits the NDA from making an appearance. That can’...[Read More]

The Writer Within VII

LEVEL SEVEN: DEER DANCE Lately I’ve been thinking about ports, the ones I actually want to see, and have seen a lot of negativity in association with discussions of ports. So, let’s dive i...[Read More]

The Writer Within VI

LEVEL SIX: SCIENCE Gaming is a mental health issue. That’s a real thing that has happened, a real classification. Now we could talk about how sensitive and warped our society and culture had bec...[Read More]

The Writer Within V

LEVEL FIVE: NEEDLES I was originally going to discuss those scantily clad dressed Twitch streamers who are less about the gameplay and more about the play with gamer’s hormones. However, EA has decide...[Read More]

The Writer Within IV

LEVEL FOUR: TOXICITY You know what’s funny about Sexism? Nothing, nothing at all. If 2017 has taught us anything it’s that we, as humans, are not as advanced as we like to make ourselves out to be. Ra...[Read More]

The Writer Within III

LEVEL THREE: Jet Pilot Games no longer release complete, at least not the majority of them, and they usually require day one patches. Also, we’ve reached a time where a bad game can actually be fixed ...[Read More]

The Writer Within II

LEVEL TWO: Prison Song Loot boxes are everywhere nowadays, right? It’s like a virus that has slowly been getting stronger and spreading into a vast array of genres. What’s the cure? Why did they appea...[Read More]