Rumor: Retailer Leaks The Last of Us II release date

Looks like we finally have a plausible and believable release date for Naughty Dog’s upcoming The Last of Us Part II. The sequel is hotly anticipated and PlayStation gamers worldwide are absolut...[Read More]

Super Hyperactive Ninja Review

Super Hyperactive Ninja revolves around two things; Ninjas and Coffee. One of these things I’m extremely familiar with, the other, not so much. Can you guess which? Hint: I love coffee. Reviewed...[Read More]

Slime Rancher PS4 Review

Reviewed on PlayStation 4; also available on Xbox One and PC. Slime Rancher. Doesn’t sound great, does it? Let me tell you, it’s the most adorable game you will play. Period. Gameplay Slim...[Read More]

1979 The Revolution: Black Friday Review

1979 The revolution finally finds its way to consoles after being available on PC and mobile¬†platforms. Based on the actual real life event of the 1979 Islamic revolution or ‘Iranian Revolution&...[Read More]

Semblance Review

A puzzle-platformer? You know how I feel about these *Spoiler* I’m awful at them… This should be fun.   Reviewed on Nintendo Switch; also available for PC and Mac. Gameplay Semblance ...[Read More]

The Journey Down Complete Review

This is a game very clearly inspired by classic point & click titles such as Monkey Island, but does this quirky game hold up against an ever-changing, gaming World? Let’s find out in The Jo...[Read More]

20XX Review

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch; Also available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Someone who hasn’t played a Mega-Man game playing a game heavily inspired by Mega-Man… How bad can it be? Gam...[Read More]

Awkward Review

Reviewed on PlayStation 4; Also available on Xbox one, Nintendo Switch and PC. Awkward claims to have the ability to ruin friendships with it’s fiendish questions. Can it? Let’s find out. ...[Read More]

Respawn’s Star Wars game has a title and a release window

Vince Zampella himself revealed the title of Respawn’s new Star Wars title. Respawn is a studio made up of ex Infinity Ward developers and they created the Titanfall series. EA acquired them for...[Read More]

Pirate Pop Plus Review

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch; also available for Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Who doesn’t love some retro gaming? I certainly do! There’s nothing better than dusting off that old consol...[Read More]

Guilt Battle Arena Review

Reviewed on Xbox One X; Also available on PlayStation 4 and PC. Got a lot of friends? Yeah, you probably won’t have after you have played this… Gameplay Guilt Battle Arena is a frenzied 2D...[Read More]

Overdriven Reloaded: Special Edition – Review

Reviewed on Xbox One. Also available on PC. This is the craziest, most head hurting game I think I’ve ever played. Want to know more? Sure you do! Read on. Gameplay Overdriven reloaded is an ins...[Read More]

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