Rage 2 Is Real, Trailer Leaks

Ever since WalMart accidently listed a bunch of games, there has been much speculation over the validity of the leak. One interesting title that was leaked was Rage 2. Adding more fuel to this fire wa...[Read More]

Wolfenstein II Nintendo Switch release date announced

Today on Twitter, the Wolfenstein 2 Twitter account has finally revealed the release date for the Switch version of the critically acclaimed Nazi murdering FPS! At home, on the go, or both, you can no...[Read More]

What Is Resident Evil Teasing?

As a former Raccoon City survivor, it’s well documented that the Resident Evil franchise holds a special place in my heart. It is one of, if not, my favorite series of all time. I’ve even ...[Read More]

ICYMI: WWE 2K18 For Nintendo Switch Launches Today

Due to the odd release window chosen for the Nintendo Switch, some third-party games have been announced but unable to release when their counter parts did on other consoles. One such game that was an...[Read More]

Xbox Game Clip & Screenshot Share Feature Is Being Re-Looked At

The Xbox Game Clip and ScreenShot share feature has always been not so user friendly. Users have always had to jump through a couple loops to be able to post their awesome game stomping clips or beaut...[Read More]

The Writer Within IV

LEVEL FOUR: TOXICITY You know what’s funny about Sexism? Nothing, nothing at all. If 2017 has taught us anything it’s that we, as humans, are not as advanced as we like to make ourselves out to be. Ra...[Read More]

Clarification on Mike Ybarra’s “Tweet”

Last night Corporate Vice Preseident Mike Ybarra known as @XboxQwik on Twitter posted a tweet that many people mistook as a jab towards the debacle of the on going situation happening with NEOGAF. The...[Read More]