Xbox One S

One Eyed Kutkh Review

This game was reviewed on a PS4 Pro. A code was provided by the Publisher Sometimes You and in no way was done in exchange for anything said in the review. The game will also release on Xbox One, Swit...[Read More]

PUBG Xbox One S Bundle Announced

Just announced today on social media is the new Player Unknowns Battlegrounds Xbox One S bundle (PUBG bundle for short). The ever popular battle royale game will be released later this month (February...[Read More]

AC: Origins Comparison; Xbox One X vs. Xbox One S

Today is a big day for the Xbox community as a whole. The powerhouse Xbox One X launched to the masses bringing with it True Native 4k gaming and HDR bliss. I was fortunate enough to snag myself a Sco...[Read More]

MCC Gets Xbox X Update

343 Industries have announced today that Halo The Master Chief Collection will be getting an update ready for Xbox One X. The announcement today confirmed that MCC will receive enhancements for Xbox O...[Read More]

Microsoft Has Announced New Xbox One S Bundles 

Microsoft has announced today the new bundles for the Xbox One S, and to be fair, they are all well thought out bundles looking to appeal to most gamers and introducing gamers. All bundles come with t...[Read More]