This Tale of Bistun Story Trailer will tickle your curiosity

The Tale of Bistun story trailer

If you are tired of European folkore, you should take a look at Persian mythology. Case in point: The Tale of Bistun story trailer.

Mythology is something that I always loved since my young days as a Deku scrub. Heck, that’s probably why I love the Castlevania franchise so damn much. But not everything has to be always aimed towards Europe and its ancient tales. Did you know there’s also Persian mythology? Who knew, right? Anyway, sarcastic statements aside, I think you’ll like today’s game. This is The Tale of Bistun story trailer.

Now, what’s The Tale of Bistun? Well, glad you ask. I mean, I was hoping you would ask, because I’m going to explain it anyway. Created by Black Cube Games, this will be an isometric narrative-driven action game. The title will allow us to control Farhad, a man who will embark on a long journey filled with trials and tribulations. Sacrifices, hate, love, devotion and many other emotions will fill this quest inspired by Persian culture. If my research is correct, the tale inspired by the game is an epic Persian poem written by Nizami Ganjavi called Khosrow and Shirin. I suggest you take a look at it, but be wary of spoilers from an ancient poem written in the 12th century.

The Tale of Bistun will arrive on PC, Mac, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One later this year. Get ready to embark on a journey that will transport you to a world you’ve never seen before!

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