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Temtem: Pokémon-Inspired MMO May Be Headed to Nintendo Switch

For years, the Pokémon franchise has maintained a tight and increasingly successful grip on the creature-collection RPG genre. Other games have attempted to reimagine the formula for years – Fossil Fighters, Yo Kai Watch, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh, just to name a few. While some of these variances have been more successful than others, none have quite captured the sense of adventure and joy of building your own team to take on the world quite like the Pokémon Company has. Temtem is attempting to break the mold, however.

Backed by a promising Kickstarter program, Crema Games is bringing us the latest creature-collection adventure, and it is heavily inspired by Pokémon. In fact, Temtem seems to be attempting to recreate the Pokémon experience as opposed to reimagining it. From both reading the Kickstarter project and noticing the community outreach Crema Games has been facilitating, it’s clear to me that the developers want Temtem to feel very much like Pokémon, but with all of the added flavors and features that longtime Pokémon fans have been requesting for years. MMO capabilities, a Co-Op option, house and tamer [trainer] customization, and a built-in Nuzlocke mode are just a few of the features that display Crema Game’s obvious nod to Pokémon fans and their requests.

Here’s a snippet from Temtem’s Kickstarter page to exemplify the resemblances:

“Now it’s your turn to embark on an epic adventure and make those dreams come true. Catch new Temtem on Omnisiea’s floating islands, battle other tamers on the sandy beaches of Deniz or trade with your friends in Tucma’s ash-covered fields. Defeat the ever-annoying Clan Belsoto and end its plot to rule over Archipelago, beat all eight Dojo Leaders, and become the ultimate Temtem tamer!” – via Kickstarter by Crema Games

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If any of that sounds familiar, that’s because it should. Catch new Temtem (Pokémon), battle other tamers (trainers), defeat the ever-annoying Clan Belsoto and end its plot to rule over Archipelago (Team Rocket), beat all eight Dojo Leaders (Gym Leaders) – you get the idea. I don’t mean to imply that these clear resemblances are a negative thing, however. The team at Crema Games is clearly inspired by the Pokémon franchise, and they want to provide a similar experience to fans that includes many of the features they have always wanted but have never and may never receive in a Pokémon game. Whether Temtem is an infringement of Nintendo/Pokémon/Game Freak’s intellectual property rights is another very fact-intensive and unclear discussion for another time.

Temtem is currently in the early stages of development, and is planning its alpha release for November of this year. As of writing this, Temtem has been backed for over $240,000. If the Kickstarter funding breaks $250,000, Temtem will be headed into development for the Nintendo Switch. With 19 days to go, it seems likely that this goal will be reached, but be sure to back Temtem if you are excited to see what it has to offer!

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