The DANGEN PAX East lineup looks incredible

DANGEN PAX East lineup

PAX East 2019 is almost upon us, and our friendly publishers from Osaka will bring some goodies to the event. Here’s the full DANGEN PAX East lineup.

Hope you remember DANGEN Entertainment, because my Devil Engine review sure doesn’t.

These lovely publishers from Osaka are getting ready for the upcoming PAX East 2019, and they are packing some heat for sure. Hope you are ready to jump into the hype train, because this is the DANGEN PAX East lineup.


DANGEN PAX East lineup

  • Developer: KwaKwa Games
  • Platform: PC (Steam)
  • Release Date: TBA

If action is your thing and you miss 2D action titles like Muramasa Rebirth, you are in for a treat. Helvetii defines itself as a celtic action game, and for a good reason. In this roguelike title, you’ll play as three characters while exploring and slaying everything in your path. You can chain combos, juggle enemies in the air and the usual stuff everybody loves about hack and slash titles. Oh, and the vocals of the OST are provided by Emi Evans, who was featured on a tiny game called Nier: Automata. Just saying.


DANGEN PAX East lineup

  • Developer: Unspeakable Pixels
  • Platform: PC (Steam)
  • Release Date: TBA

You smell that? That’s the smell of another retro 2D action title. This one looks more humble on its approach, but that doesn’t mean it’s less interesting. Being developed by Unspeakable Pixels, Batbarian will be a really dark experience. And I’m not saying dark because we will face entities from another dimensions, but mostly because we will rely on our winged buddy Pip to light each area. Puzzles, multiple ways to explore the game and many traps await you on Batbarian.

Super Slime Arena

DANGEN PAX East lineup

  • Developer: Jelly Team L.L.C.
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch (already out on Steam)
  • Release Date: 2019

I could explain this party fighting game made by Jelly Team, but I think it would be easier to just quote the game’s press kit:

Super Slime Arena is a multiplayer party fighting game embracing equal parts accessibility and chaos. Every slime has a unique attack and every attack is a one-hit-KO. Every time your slime gets KO’d, you respawn as a different character. True mastery demands understanding of 32 slimes with unique qualities, and learning how their abilities interact in over a thousand possible match-ups!

I mean… I really want to take a look at this one, so I think I’ll get it on Steam. Switch users will have to wait for it though.


DANGEN PAX East lineup

  • Developer: Octosoft
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam)
  • Release Date: 2019

Oh, I know this one very well! I’ve been following its progress on Twitter for quite a while. Renaine is coming out this year thanks to the efforts of Octosoft, this game was actually a failed Kickstarter project. But thanks to the Higher Beings of Gaming Development, Renaine went from zero to hero in less than a year. This title is a platformer that will put us in control of Aine, the Phoenix Knight. The basic premise of avenging your friend and killing the big bad dragon may not sound that riveting for you, but the actual SOUND will tickle your curiosity for sure. With a mixture of basically every genre ever, Renaine will sure offer the best sountrack you’ll ever listen to.


DANGEN PAX East lineup

  • Developer: Bombservice
  • Platform: PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date: 2019

Now THIS is my jam. I don’t know if you heard of Momodora (if you haven’t, please get a copy of Reverie Under the Moonlight ASAP), but this is from the same studio who made it. Why am I excited about this? Because these people know how to make some damn underrated yet incredible titles, that’s why! Minoria leaves the classic spritework and evolves into an HD format with cel-shaded characters and hand-painted backgrounds. Witches, sinners and tons of death awaits you on the streets of Ramezia.

Astalon: Tears of the Earth

DANGEN PAX East lineup

  • Developer: LABSworks
  • Platform: PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One
  • Release date: 2019

Give a man a pixelated platformer game and he’ll be happy for a day. Give him instead three different characters to play with hundreds of rooms to explore and puzzles to solve and, well, he’ll be happy too. Listen I’m not good at proverbs OK? Regardless of that, this title from LABSworks, Astalon, aims to become one of those titles that will linger inside your head for quite a while.

The TakeOver

DANGEN PAX East lineup

  • Developer: Antonis Pelikanos
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS4
  • Release Date: 2019

You must know how my mind works at this point: if it’s indie and it’s a beat ’em up, chances are I’m going to like it a lot. Developed by Antonis Pelikanos (a human can only wish to have a name as cool as that one), The TakeOver will be just good old beating up bad guys. Three characters, driving cars as bonus stages and a musical composition made by Yuzo Koshiro. Yes, THAT Yuzo Koshiro.

And these will be all the titles DANGEN Entertainment will show on PAX East 2019. If by any chance you are going to the event, make sure to visit their booth if you want to take a look at some incredible titles!

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