The Gato Roboto release date trailer is ‘ameowzing’

Gato Roboto release date trailer

The cat is in the suit and the suit is on another planet. The Gato Roboto Release Date Trailer is here in all its ‘purrfection’!

How many cat puns can I fit in this small piece? Not so many, because I want to reserve as much as I can for the review. Anyway, you know about Devolver, right? Publishers of great titles like Katana Zero and so many other great indies. Well, now they’ve done it: they are going to publish the cutest thing ever made. If you ever wanted to control a cat wearing a mech suit, this is clearly the game for you. Lo and behold, because this is the Gato Roboto release date trailer!

The people at Doinksoft surprised everyone today with the announcement of their incoming title. In Gato Roboto, we will help the lovely cat named Kiki to find out what’s going on in a forgotten research facility. Upgrades, different suits, and action everywhere awaits us on this minimalistic 2D action platformer title on May 30th, coming out on PC and Switch for only $8. Yes, you heard right: 8 stinky dollars. This game costs less than eating at McDonald’s, and it’s probably even healthier. Unless you are allergic to cats, then it could be quite harmful to you.

Regardless of your allergies to virtual felines, make sure you give yourself a nice treat in the form of Gato Roboto at the end of this month. And if you are not really into pussycats, don’t worry. We also have stuff related to mice! Deadly mice mind you, so make sure you bring a torch with you.

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