The Life is Strange 2 Trailer is finally here

So…we finally got to see a new Life is Strange 2 trailer but before we go too in-depth into it. Here it is:

Whew! Well did you get all that? So many answers to what will be in the game and yet so many questions too. We didn’t just get a trailer though as the Life is Strange blog gave us a lot more information.

As it was well known (although there was some fan denial) there is no Max, Chloe or Rachel this time. We have a brand new story with all new characters.

Our playable protagonist is Sean Diaz, a 16 year old, and apparently, it looks like he and his young 9 year old brother Daniel, are on the run from an incident that we saw a little bit of in the teaser released a few weeks ago. You can see it here and read about my thoughts too.

The new trailer begins with Sean and Daniel walking along a road. It appears to be quite remote and Sean is wondering how to tell his brother “the truth.” Through a rather sweet brother bonding montage, Sean is brought crashing back to reality with the “incident” that forced them on the run. We then see a very quick sequence of what happened offscreen in the teaser where Officer Matthews confronts the brothers and ends up being thrown backward with some force that also overturns his police car.

The sequence is so fast it’s quite difficult to work out what exactly happens. There is a confrontation with Officer Matthews pulling the gun on them and telling them to get on the ground. There is a slap or punch on Sean but it doesn’t look like Matthews or Daniel. Matthews shoots and is then thrown backward. As Sean recoils in horror, Matthews appears to lie dead next to his upturned vehicle.

As we snap back to the present, Daniel wonders what they’ll do now and Sean reassures his brother “There’s nothing we can’t do….as long as we are together.” The embroidered logo of Life is Strange 2 which we have been teased with twice before has been on the back of a backpack. Now we know the backpack belongs to Sean.

We have seen Sean and Daniel already as it was those two who we saw right at the end of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit waving to Chris. What now seems more likely is that Chris does not have powers but it’s Sean or Daniel who levitates him and stops him falling.

Along with the trailer, the Life is Strange blog has a lot more information and some very interesting news that we will be seeing more content including gameplay and the revealing of the power and who has it.

We do find out more about Sean and Daniel and what their plan is. “After a tragic incident that puts them on the run from the police and the fear of both separation and incarceration.”

Life is Strange isn’t shy in dealing with tough subjects. It’s already dealt with bullying, suicide, kidnapping, and murder. Not to mention the trauma of losing a parent. This time we might be dealing with a more tough subject matter such as racism and isolation as Sean and Daniel work their way South towards Mexico.

Life is Strange 2 is not set in a single location but many as we are reassured that the brothers will meet a whole new cast of characters on the way. This includes Chris and his father in Beaver Creek although we are not sure how they fit into the story yet. It’s not sure if they will travel through Arcadia Bay but somehow I doubt it. If they did then it would either be left standing or destroyed making one of the endings of Life is Strange canon and the other not. I’m sure we’ll get many references to the first game but none that affect your choices.

Speaking of choices, Life is Strange has always been about them. Here the mechanic has been tweaked so that whatever choices Sean makes will affect Daniel in a big way as he grows as a person. It will test the bonds of brotherhood to its limits. As DontNod put it “These themes come together most powerfully in the way Daniel will develop depending on the lessons you teach him and the role model you decide to be.”

I’m sure our emotions will be reaching breaking point once again as Sean and Daniel try to reach Mexico and their family’s hometown of Pueblo Lobos.

No rewind powers this time so you will have to live with your actions much the way Chloe does in Before the Storm. Instead, we have a new power which while it hasn’t been fully revealed yet seems to be some form of telekinesis.

One person returning from the original though is that Jonathan Morali is coming back to score the game and there are going to be more licensed songs to accompany the brother’s journey, so expect those wonderful “Moments of Calm” too.

Life is Strange is heading in a new direction as we bid farewell to Max, Chloe, Rachel and all the other residents of Arcadia Bay. We welcome Sean and Daniel and we are looking forward to their adventures together.

I’m sure DontNod will deliver and I’m sure by the end we’ll all be a complete mess. There’s going to be tears. Of that I am positive.

The first Episode of Five is released on 27th September and we’ll be getting more information in the weeks leading up to it. So stay tuned as we bring it to you as we get it.

Life is Strange 2 is almost upon us and I for one, can’t wait.

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