The Sims 4 Console Edition

I just want to start by saying that I love the Sims series and I have to thank my sister for that. Hi Jada….I love you. I loved playing the Sims 3 and Sims 3 Pets on the Xbox 360 and for a while it was the only thing that I would play. When the Sims 4 got announced in 2013 I had high hopes that it would eventually come to consoles as well as PC. Unfortunately it was only released for PC. Ever since The Sims 4 launched I went to EA’S twitter page sending tweets to make a console port of the game. I  know I wasn’t the only one. But at last the dream came true.


The Sims 4 console edition is up for pre-order right now for Xbox One and PS4 Users. People who pre-order the digital deluxe edition will receive the following:

DELUXE PARTY EDITION CONTENT – Life of the Party Digital Content – Up All Night Digital Content – Awesome Animal Hats Digital Content and 3 Days of Early Access.


The game hasn’t released yet and 3 expansion packs have already been announced for the console version. There’s the City Living Pack, Vampires Pack, Glamour Stuff Pack, and the Perfect Patio Stuff Pack.


Even though the console port will have some features on the PC that wont be transferred over to the console, It’s pretty exciting to know that console players like myself will be able to enjoy the Sims 4 on console.


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