The Worst Ten Dark Souls Bosses

With Dark Souls Remastered only a mere fortnight away from releasing worldwide on the Xbox One and PS4, we thought we’d ramp up the Souls based content.

Soulslike: Rise of a Genre

At The Loot Gaming we have several fans of the Souls series, so we are very excited for the rerelease of the original Dark Souls on current gen consoles with all of the technical bells and whistles that accompany modern remasters. Without any further ado, lets get into it! We’ll count down from ten to one with number one being the worst boss in the entire ‘Dark Souls’ series (Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls are not included).

10. Seath the Scaleless


Some of the disappointing aspects of this fight is based on technical issues. The Crystal Cave area never felt properly finished, like a lot of the Dark Souls Endgame. After a gimmicky beginning to the fight, it effectively boils down to poking his tail with your weapon and trying to avoid the dreaded curse effect. The lore of the area and the enemy stops this dropping any further. The anti climactic nature of its placement is another reason it’s on this list.

9. Curse-Rotted Greatwood


Don’t really have much to say on this. The low point of Dark Souls 3, there’s nothing interesting about this generic attack the weak point and take on a mob at the same time boss. Luckily winning this fight gets you an item that has some brilliant gameplay implications throughout the rest of the game.

8. Bed of Chaos


Another anti climax. You battle through multiple bosses and a couple of cool, yet unfortunately unfinished areas to reach this finale. Basically a platforming boss that goes against the gameplay of the entire game and feels very out of place.

7. Executioner’s Chariot


Another boss fight based entirely on a gimmick. Slowly moving throughout the level without taking damage before you reach a boring fight at the end. Luckily it was optional and all you really unlock is access to a covenant. Although it’s a fun covenant gameplay wise as it’s heavily PVP based.

6. Prowling Magus


I don’t really have anything to say about this, boring and forgettable.

5. Demon of Song


Everything about this boss is horrible. The design is atrocious, it’s too easy, the level is horrendously unfair and difficult and the general experience is just frustrating. Sounds ridiculous, complaining about an easy boss at the end of a difficult level. Unfortunately the level is so unbalanced that it isn’t even an enjoyable difficult the way Soul’s games are famous for.

4. Demon Firesage


The third version of the same boss in the original Dark Souls. Pretty much says all that needs to be said about the bland and lazy design on show with this particular boss.

3. Nashandra


The final boss of Dark Souls 2. It all comes down to this. After thirty hours of battling through the game, leveling up your character and taking down a variety of enemies you meet the Queen of the Abyss. What a disappointment it was. The fight totally falls on its face and ends a game on a low note.

2. Twin Dragonriders


Early on in Dark Souls 2 you fight the Dragonrider. It’s an okay fight in an incredibly cool environment, a good early game boss. Later in the game, as you make your way through the Drangleic Castle, another fantastic environment, you meet this boss. Two of the same enemy that you fought earlier. Another incredibly disappointment in the game.

1. Covetous Demon


A blob. That’s all this boss is. Boring. Bland. Easy. Pathetic. The absolute low point of an incredible series.

So there you have it. The Worst bosses in the Dark Souls’ series. Of course this list is completely subjectively and effectively just the bosses that I hate the most so anyone who has any issues or suggestions can direct them at either @thelootgaming or @AdamAbysswalker on Twitter. I’ll just be sitting around patiently waiting for May 25th anyway.

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