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Last week’s Writer Within was terrible. It’s the one entry I hate the most because I had to define myself against some anonymous body snatcher with multiple personalities and a sick fascination with cheesy products. I’ve mentally created a backstory and personality for this person. Since all of that, I’ve sort of not written anything. I haven’t wanted to. I feel like if I say I was dealing with writer’s block that’s some cop out excuse to avoid the bigger problem. Ehh, maybe.

Those of you who read WedNESday know a little about me from my past and memories I’ve shared with you all. This series, however, is the more professional one where we look at whatever has angered or disrupted the industry and talk about it. I’m a pretty unhappy person, it’s finally dawned on me that I’m pretty miserable. Not because of the situation around me, I have good parts of life and bad parts, but I’m just a natural upset dude I guess. I’m tired of pretending otherwise. I am, dear reader, just wired wrong. I’ll dedicate an entry here, one day, to the inner workings of my mind and personality.

So, what has the industry so upset as of late? What has angered me this week besides everything? YouTubers, their clickbait titles and playing it safe by offering their nothing of value opinions? That’s for another time. Journalism and how it covertly strings its words to pander to a certain audience who wants everyone to be miserable because they haven’t got laid in an eternity? I might be too kind for that. I’m too polite for those titles, even if I do like the song ‘Nice For What‘ by Drake. I’m not sure how that has any relevance to any of this. Ehh, maybe I’ll try.

Kotaku King Jason Schreier and YouTube sensation YongYea had a conversation on the latter’s YouTube channel. YongYea, I imagine, expected to have a civil conversation that would be beneficial to everyone and would open the eyes of the unwashed masses to the possibility of a more unified gaming community. Commendable but naïve. You see, journalists hate YouTube, YouTubers, and everything they and it stands for. Will it always be that way? Probably not, but Mr. Schreier has made it clear in how he carried himself during the interview, and by his actions since, that he has no intentions of being on amicable with YouTubers.

So, why do gaming journalist hate YouTubers? And are they right for it?

They fear YouTubers because YouTubers are slowly overtaking them. It’s the same reason why mainstream media fears them. Don’t believe me? Ask PewDiePie.

This new generation of whatever they are called prefer to watch rather than read. It is convenient, I’ll give them that. Why read Kotaku’s review of Resident Evil 2 when I can just watch the Easy Allies video review? The world is changing and there are cycles in this game of life. Think about it. Radio dominated until it was overtaken by television. It’s inevitable. You would feel threatened if you were in that position as well. Instead of getting with the times and changing, it’s easier to attack and discredit the YouTubers. Humans hate change. It’s an inconvenience.

There is one area of hate journalists have with YouTubers that I actually agree with. Clickbait titles and taking things out of context to trick a person into viewing the video and getting them that ‘dinero’. That’s Spanish for money by the way.

There is an epidemic on YouTube with clickbait titles that house videos upon videos of meaningless, no substance content.

Metro Exodus, which we speak on how they’ve chosen to release their game on PC and all the drama it’s caused in another piece, was subjected to this. Videos upon videos of how the developers ‘betrayed’ the PC community for deciding to release the game, a last minute decision mind you, through the Epic store opposed to Steam. How dare they! *Eye roll*.

Let’s not forget how a historically accurate game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, was created by ‘a bunch of racist for being historically accurate’. All lies and clickbait to manipulate uninformed individuals into clicking a video to get them profit. Now, they aren’t all like this. Matt is honest and decent and I like his channel. So, go follow one of the few channels I don’t hate.

I also hate their high pitched voices and faked happiness. Genuine pricks. Sorry, I’m going through something. I prefaced that at the beginning.

Aye, but why do YouTubers hate gaming journalist?

The same reason I do. Most of the gaming journalist you’ll find out there are pandering to certain groups and ideology to the point that they are completely shameless about it. It’s not about the gamers or the games, it’s about their pockets and their secret intentions. I mean we did a Writer Within on how a Kotaku writer went out of her way to mention that a video game didn’t use union voice actors. Why in the world would that matter or needed to be mentioned in the game review? It doesn’t matter at all, but she probably has an agenda and that means shoehorning her notions on how the gaming industry should be doing things. It’s disingenuous and disrespectful. Sovereign Lord of Kotaku also has openly defended EA’s asinine microtransactions and the ones Ubisoft has in their Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. There is no excuse or reason to defend, if you’re a real journalist who cares about the community and the industry, these lust filled greedy practices. You are in the wrong business, go be a community manager for those companies.

I also hate the stupid articles on fictional character’s penis sizes and their stupid fake pursuit of other people’s injustices to further their own agendas. Oh, someone said something mean and degrading to me so they must be right-wing Trump support! No, they are just jerks and a losers with nothing better to do.

Say what you want about Trump, President Trump, but he’s right, it’s all fake news. I hate both parties.

Gaming journalists need to stop pandering to corporate greed and inserting biased opinions into every single piece of writing they create. Stop being so fast to report things that you publish fake or misconstrued articles that later need to be corrected because you didn’t do research and properly vet information. Sad thing is, they hardly ever correct anything. Tweeting a plain response and deleting, or just stopping to promote said fake article, isn’t a correction. Be better. Be what you are meant to be. Stop pissing me off.

YouTubers need to stop and think before they title and publish a video. People deserve honesty. You are overtaking the information stream in the world so stop becoming what you hate. Stop turning into micro channels of fake news and because you are so greedy to get that next view and dollar. Explain that Metro Exodus was a business move to afford the developers more revenue because a new store and opportunity presented itself late in their plans. Even if you don’t agree with it, explain it and allow others to decide. You want to give your opinion, do it without presenting it as fact.

Oh, and stop with the stupid fake high pitched personality. Slow that down and catch your breath, have a cup of water. Stop pissing me off.

This is The Writer Within, I am the Writer Within. Let me know what you think and if you follow me on Twitter, or have the time, gifs of funny stuff are always appreciated. If you are new here, stick with The Loot Gaming for all your gaming news and reviews and on everything written within the writer.
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